DHA vegan omega 3

The science of making vegetarian dietary supplements from fish oil is to remove the fishy part of the product. The DHA vegan Omega3 capsules have no fish in them. They aren’t made from fish oil that is rich on fatty acid but they are made of algae that fish eat. Based on microalgae, it is 100% natural and 100% vegetarian.

It is an alternative to fish oil for those that want to live vegetarian. This supplement is a rich source of EPA and DHA. It has the nutrition needed to complete vital nutrients needs of body and also it is 100% safe for people and even for women expecting pregnancy. The supplement offers advantages of fish oil without any impurities. It is the best way to consume fish oil that isn’t derived from fish. The great combination of EPA and DHA supports a healthy heart. Research have time and again proved that regular consumption of supplement reduces risk of coronary heart ailments for long time.

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